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Dedicated to Providing the Best In-Home Health Care in Northern Virginia
Chat with the Nursing Home Attendant

Lord & Mak Home Health Care offers a wide variety of in-home care services to meet the needs of your loved ones. It is our goal to give them a chance to fully recover or to effectively help them manage healthier, happier lives at home.

Lord & Mak Homecare provides these medically supervised services to the patient at home:

We pride ourselves on remaining tuned in to your needs. By observing your response to the services we deliver to your homes, we identify areas that may need adjustments.


Our in-home care team consists of trained and licensed in-home healthcare professionals who live in the communities they serve. We're confident our passionate staff will exceed your expectations.


How it Works

Step 1

Call or email us anytime to schedule a free in person consultation with a managing expert.


Step 2

Enjoy a free consultation with the managing expert. They will come to you to find the best fit for you and your family.


Step 3

One of our experienced Caregivers, picked specifically for you, will begin care.

Better Care Starts With You!
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